Text 17 Aug 1 note Tweeter Under the Radar: @Dattmay

So this is something new I’m going to start doing. I’m gonna start promoting tweeters that 
don’t have a lot of followers and need to be recognized. 

So for this first installment of “Tweeter Under the Radar” I am gonna bring light to the tweeter 

@Dattmay or IRL name Matt Day. He is 19 and from Backwoods Pennsylvania. He is a student 

majoring in Integrated Media,  he is a singer, and is an aspiring photographer. He is nerdy, funny, sweet, caring, and cute. 

If your time line is lacking charisma and substance follow him. He is well written and very intelligent but can be silly also.

 If you like looking at breathtaking photos you should check them out on his twitter feed. 

Here are some of his tweets: 

Now for his photography:

And now here is the man behind the tweets

You can find Matt on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. So now go follow him, and add him to your friends, and put him in a circle. 

So I hoped you like this first installment of “Tweeter Under the Radar” and untill next time: Au Revoir 

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